5 Things to Do About Laser Hair Removal Burns

5 Things to Do About Laser Hair Removal Burns

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The most important risk associated with laser hair removal is burns. Any treatment that has a potential for burns obviously needs to be carried out with extreme care, since burns can cause pain, scarring, and serious health effects. When carried out correctly, laser hair removal treatments should not result in burns. But sometimes something goes wrong. Here are some things to consider about laser hair removal burns.

  1. Do Your Research Beforehand

The first thing you can do is check that you are a good candidate for laser hair removal, and that the procedure can be carried out with minimal risk. The therapist should be able to tell you if there are any risks in your medical history that could mean laser hair removal is particularly dangerous.

  1. Choose the Right Specialist

Make sure that you go to a therapist who will work carefully with you to provide the treatment that suits your skin type and your hair type. The therapist should be professional, trained, and experienced. It is a good idea not to go with the cheapest option on price alone, as this may result in a poor outcome and greater risk of burns.

  1. Use the Right Machine

Not all machines are suitable for the removal of all types of hair. Some are best for darker skin and some for lighter skin. Some laser machines are for all types of skin and hair. Make sure that your therapist has discussed this with you and that the equipment is well-maintained and fit for purpose.

  1. Immediate Aftercare

If you do experience a burn, do not touch it. If the skin is not broken, apply a cold compress to the area by wrapping ice in a towel. Hold onto the burn to minimise the pain. Consult a medical professional to see what you can do to minimise the pain and the chances of infection. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. If it is a serious burn, call 999.

  1. Make a Claim for Compensation

Making laser burn claims is possible with the help of an experienced solicitor. Make sure that you keep documents relating to the injury, and photos of the injury as it happened, if possible. See a doctor and then record the diagnosis, as well as records of any costs associated with the injury. Consult a solicitor to see how you can take your beauty injury claim further.

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