Beware, natural Food Rage is on

Beware, natural Food Rage is on

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Are you being tempted by food labels like “100% natural”, “naturalInch, “natural”, thinking that they have to be in better health to eat? And, maybe you have queried by what the word “natural” really means? Hmm well…, they most likely mean “free from preservatives, chemicals along with other similar kinds of additives”? Oops, wrong.

Do not get too thrilled and duped by “natural” claims. In food manufacturing and advertising, the term “natural” has very generic meaning and it has no precise legal standard or definition. Actually the word can be quite confusing and deceitful for all of us consumers. “Natural food” isn’t symbolic of “unprocessed food” or “organic food” Ingredients contaminated with bacteria, pesticides or chemical fertilizers are available in so-known as “natural foods”. For example, tomato plants are often selected eco-friendly, after which given ethylene to coax them into ripening and turning red. So might be the tomato plants natural? This explains why there’s a requirement for organic foods.

To choose natural food, consume a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit, and foods which have been exposed to minimal processing. But, the task for all of us consumers will be to understand how much foods in the shops happen to be processed. Even most commercial “raw honeys” happen to be heated to some extent during processing for packaging hence they aren’t 100% raw. Also, Home theater system . have experienced candies being marked with “with real fruit” label, so an item might have just one “natural” component but still boost “natural”. Sometimes, manufacturers use “natural” loosely to imply that the meals is not processed greatly and does not have lots of additives.

And, you most likely know of “natural” products with contents ‘derived from natural sources’ or products that contains “no synthetic ingredients”. Well, the issue is, synthetic, artificial ingredients may also be produced from substances present in nature! Thus, we are able to find canned drinks which are termed “only 100% natural’ ingredients” that contains “high fructose corn syrup, natural citric acidity, natural flavours and natural potassium citrate.” Heard this before…?

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