Do Detox Products Even Work?

Do Detox Products Even Work?

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Even with all the positive changes we’ve seen across the world and North America in regards to legislation related to cannabis and everything related to it, there remains a whole lot of places and work sectors which require some employees to pass drug tests in order to hold on to their job. While it’s tempting to think there is some validity to this approach, it really just doesn’t make any sense to worry about screening for common illicit drugs like weed, amphetamines, opiates and opioids, or ketamine, as long as alcohol is totally okay.

Employers shouldn’t really care what their employees choose to intoxicate themselves with over the weekend. Just because someone enjoys the occasional puff or two over the weekend at the cottage, does not mean they are any less fit to do their job than someone who goes and gets three drinks at the bar every night before going home from work. When this issue is thought of in a critical and philosophical light, it just makes no logical sense, however, it’s what we’re stuck with for a while. If you’ve got an amazing opportunity coming your way for an awesome new job but you’re kind of worried about being potentially tested for drugs and you’re asking yourself “do detox products work for drug tests?”, then allow this article to enlighten you just a bit.

    The truth is there is a ton of anecdotal support for detox drinks and shampoos out there, and a lot of people really have seen miraculous results from the use of such products. Then again, a lot of people report that the products they bought did absolutely nothing, and now they’ve missed their shot at an amazing job. The human body is an incredibly unique organic machine and contains infinitely diverse components and variable within it for each individual. There’s a whole lot of scientific jargon to explain through biology why some people can benefit from these products while others can. IF you’re desperate, however, your best bet is to just combine all the options. There’s a ton of commercial products available for this kind of thing, as well as recipes for natural detoxifying remedies, so start crawling around some forums and discussion boards and search for a wide variety of methods to try. It’s not a matter of “do detox products work for drug tests”, but rather “which detox products will work for me?”.

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