Essential Tips for Designing Your Dental Treatment Room and Operatory

Essential Tips for Designing Your Dental Treatment Room and Operatory

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If you’re a doctor in dentistry, you deserve a room that is suitable to your station – just like a manager deserves an adequate office and an architect deserves a drawing room or a photographer needs a stage. It’s essential, not only to make sure you can exercise your profession as you see fit, but also to attract personnel and patients.

It’s not always easy to design the space you need, the way it’s needed. A lot goes into the arrangement of a dental clinic, and those who do not specialise in any of it may not understand what is required. Are you thinking about opening or renovating your treatment room? Here are some essential tips for designing your dental treatment room and operatory.

Think about the future

It may seem strange to start this way, but it’s incredibly important – you, your profession and the way people perceive your operatory will continue to evolve, and it’s important that you keep that in mind. Think first of what you will need in the future; have the end-goal in mind.

You may want 3D printing in the future. You may want CAD/CAM. The fact is, you may not know what you want, because the future is still unknown. We do know, however, that there are going to be innovations that make you more efficient, and that these innovations will come sooner rather than later. Prepare enough clearances, data lines, electrical wiring and their outlets, plumbing, and so on just so you can make easy adjustments in the future, as specialists in dental supplies will confirm.

The dimensions

There’s no limit to what you may need in the future. Of course, you have to stay realistic and not go too big – empty space is a waste of space and budget – but you need to ensure you have a lot of space to comfortably deal with your patients and have plenty of room to move around (plus, of course, some extra space for possible future improvements).

Take also into account the amount of space you might need to store your tools, records, and so on. The ideal treatment room is 3.5 metres in length, 2.7 metres in width, and 2.7 metres in height. Those are just the minimum requirements.

Handy and practical

Arrange your tools and cabinets with forethought; you may want to get something at the last minute, so arrange storage space for optimum efficiency.

A lot goes into the design of the area where you want to practice your profession – and you should think the design through. Don’t forget room for your personal office, and never try to save costs when it comes to proper lighting; it’s extremely important and definitely worth investing in. Do what’s right for your patients and yourself, and design it well.

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