Failed Hair Transplants: Why Didn’t It Work?

Failed Hair Transplants: Why Didn’t It Work?

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If you are considering having an FUE Hair Transplant, you should really do some thorough research and educate yourself about the procedure before going through with anything. It will prove beneficial to know about the possible problems you may encounter and how to prevent them.

What Could Be The Possible Causes For A Hair Transplant Failure?

The inexperience of the Surgeon

If the hair transplant is administered by an inexperienced surgeon often; as a result, proper grafting does not take place which causes the procedure to fail ultimately. Less-experienced surgeons can make mistakes while evaluating the safe donor area for transplantation. If a surgeon harvests follicular grouping obtained through improper extraction from non-donor regions and donor areas, the unfortunate results of a bad procedure will reflect on the donor area and recipient.

Dishonesty in Hair Transplant Clinics

Unfortunately, not all medical professionals are always honest. Just by researching a surgeon’s level of skill and experience and examining the credibility of the hair transplant clinics you’re interested in can make a huge difference when trying to choose a clinic. You need to find a hair transplant surgeon who is honest and not just after your money.

A clinic that is more concerned about how much money they can get from you will not put your well-being as their highest priority or provide you with excellent hair transplant results. Whereas, an experienced and skilled FUE hair transplant surgeon and staff at a reputable clinic like at Medici Capelli will precisely pay close attention to your needs and concerns.

During your initial consultation, you should like the presence of the surgeon and staff members whom you feel comfortable talking to. While your examination is taking place, if at any time you feel as though something is lacking, do not hesitate to consider other options and getting a second opinion. Irresponsible hair transplant clinics that give priority to their interests above their patient’s, often stand out with ‘figures’ instead of quality.

The reputation of the doctor and clinic, as well as patient reviews, are highly valuable.

Insufficient Post-Operative Care

Taking proper care of yourself after your hair transplant is as vital as the procedure itself. During your hair transplant surgery, your surgeon should provide you with after-care instructions and informative and thorough information about the post-operative recovery treatment that you will need to follow during the weeks after your surgery.

 Often patients’ experience extensive scabbing around the hair shaft. Scratching the treated area or washing the hair improperly may have an adverse effect on the graft survival as well as the outcome.

In some cases, severe infections may occur due to poor hygiene conditions. After the hair transplant ensure that you follow your surgeon’s hair washing instructions and aftercare guidelines to achieve satisfactory results and a smooth recovery.

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