First Appointment with a New Dentist – Questions You Must Ask

First Appointment with a New Dentist – Questions You Must Ask

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Well, many of us do take oral hygiene and care for granted. More often than not, people choose any random dentist for their regular checkups and treatments, which is a terrible idea in the first place. If you are looking for a new dentist, we have a few questions that you should ask before considering a treatment. However, let’s start with the process of finding a dentist.

Selecting a dentist

First things first, talk to your friends, colleagues and family members to find the best dentists in town. You might want to know their personal recommendation and why they prefer a clinic over others. Alternatively, you can check online, as well. Most dental clinics have their own sites, where you can find all the relevant details. Make sure that the concerned dentist has good reviews from other patients and shares his information, education and other details on his website.

Questions that matter

  • What are your credentials? A good dentist will always talk about his training and experience, if asked by patients. You don’t need to shy about asking questions about his dental school, continuing education and other details.
  • Are you well-equipped? Before you undergo a treatment, you need to know if the concerned clinic all the necessary facilities for the procedure. Besides the dentist, the clinic should have tools, equipment and necessary medicines.
  • What’s your fee? Dentists can be expensive, and you must know the cost of treatment in advance. Typically, there’s a fixed fee for general appointments, while for other treatments and procedures, the costs might be different. Nevertheless, getting an estimate is important.
  • What are my options? Dentists can recommend other treatments and procedures, in case you are not okay with the current suggestion. Especially for cosmetic dentistry, it is best to know your options.

  • Are you available? This is one of the most relevant questions for any dentist. Many renowned dentists have their clinics, but they hardly practice. They have junior dentists to cover the regular treatments, which can be a bad experience in some cases. Talk to your dentist and make sure that he is available for every appointment.

You can get more information on this topic online, as well. Keep in mind that dentists and patients are expected to have a personal bond, which helps in better treatment and easy communication. Don’t miss asking these questions on your next visit.


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