How to Identify the Early Warning Signs of Dental Hygiene Issues

How to Identify the Early Warning Signs of Dental Hygiene Issues

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In many cases dental health issues can be avoided – if the signs are caught early on. The fact of the matter is that your dental health isn’t likely to deteriorate overnight, but rather at a slow and steady pace if your dental hygiene is not up to scratch.


Unfortunately most people don’t spot the early warning signs – or may notice them but not recognize them for what they are. The fact that you’re concerned about it is a step in the right direction, and these are the signs that you should be keeping an eye out for:


  • Swollen or irritated gums

One of the first signs of dental hygiene issues is if your gums become inflamed and start to appear swollen, irritated and redder than usual in some areas. Generally this means that is triggered by a build-up of bacteria due to plaque, and if it continues that could lead to other issues.


  • Bleeding when you brush or floss

Sometimes when you brush or floss you may notice that you’re bleeding a little – particularly at the gum line. If it just happens once it may be caused by a number of issues (including brushing too hard), but if it happens more frequently then you should take note of it as it is due to inflammation of your gums.


  • Halitosis (bad breath)

Bad breath isn’t just caused by something that you ate, but rather is an early sign of dental hygiene issues. Although you may be able to cover up bad breath to some degree or other, it is important that you address the underlying problem that is causing it.


  • Receding gum line

As gum disease begins to progress, your gum line will begin to recede. At first it won’t be that noticeable (which is why it is difficult to spot early on), but as the condition progresses it will worsen. Simply put if you feel that your gum line has receded, however slightly, you should chalk it up to a sign of dental hygiene issues and take steps to correct it.


As you can see the early warning signs aren’t particularly obvious, which is part of the reason why it is crucial that you visit your dentist on a regular basis – at least once every six months. While you may not be able to spot the early signs of dental hygiene issues, your dentist will be looking for them and will be able to help you to deal with it right there and then. Make no mistake identifying and acting on dental hygiene London issues is extremely important, to protect your dental health and avoid further complications from occurring.

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