How to Properly Treat a Laser Burn – and What to Do to Make a Claim

How to Properly Treat a Laser Burn – and What to Do to Make a Claim

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Laser hair removal treatment is one of the most popular types of beauty treatment procedures today, and its popularity is rising even as we speak. Today, not just women, but men as well, go through the procedure for the removal of unwanted hair in different areas of the body.

But what if you went through laser hair removal and suffered a burn as a result? Often, laser burns are not as apparent right after the treatment – some people think that the laser burn is a temporary side effect on the skin because of the treatment. It’s only afterwards that you may find out that you do have a laser burn, and it needs to be treated in the proper way. Here’s how to properly treat a laser burn – and what to do to make a claim.

Use an ointment

The first thing you can do is apply ointment to the affected area. An ointment specifically designed for skin healing works best, and you can purchase this over the counter. For minor laser burns, use an ointment containing petrolatum. It can be liberally applied whilst your burn is healing. For more serious types of burns, visit the hospital right away.


Visit a medical professional

If you have a minor burn: after applying the area with ointment, consult a medical professional. For minor burns, a visit to a GP will do the trick. The GP may prescribe another type of ointment for your injury, so it’s important to consult them so they can tell you exactly how to treat your burn.

As mentioned, those with more serious burns should visit the emergency room for immediate treatment, as ointments may not be enough to address the injury – and may even do additional harm.

Treating your laser burn

Minor burns should be kept moist, and for this, aloe vera (in natural or gel form) can be used. Aloe vera not only helps moisten the affected area; it also helps soothe the area and make it less painful. Apply aloe vera as needed during the healing process.

A cool bath can also help ease the pain for large minor burns as well as help you heal more quickly. If the pain is too strong and you cannot find relief, you can take a pain reliever, preferably one that can be bought over the counter. Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen are popular options, although they should only be taken every four or six hours.

Remember this: if the laser burn is through no fault of your own, you should make a claim for compensation. It is your right, after all. Do it with the help of a proper solicitor, such as an experienced one from, who can provide you with a No Win, No Fee service.

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