Online therapy outshines traditional therapy – What makes them better?

Online therapy outshines traditional therapy – What makes them better?

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The debate of online vs. traditional therapy is still on! As an increasingly large number of people rely on smartphones and computers to carry on their jobs, both therapy-goers and mental health professionals are already discussing about the pros and cons of offering online therapy. No, if you thought that online therapy is going to replace traditional therapy, you’re wrong because it is not going to replace but rather it is going to fit millions of people who hesitated to seek help of the traditional therapy.

With the gaining momentum of e-counseling websites like, you must be eager to weigh the pros of e-counseling against its traditional counterpart. Here are few advantages of turning to online counseling.

  • You can save your dollars as compared to traditional counseling

Even after having adequate health insurance coverage, conventional therapy will cost you around $75-$150 per session and it will take around 45-60 minutes. Considering the price of online therapy, the costs will be much lower even if you go for a session for an entire week and even if it includes numerous sessions.

  • Contact with a therapist will be more frequent

There are many who feel restless about speaking with a therapist when they go through mental issues. Waiting a week to get an appointment with the therapist seems to be a long time for them. With regards to online therapy, this allows the clients to chat several times in a day. You can chat with your therapist during any time of the day and for people who require frequent care, this is a crucial point.

  • Convenience

Online therapy can be as effortless and simple as sending a text to the therapist. You won’t require changing your personal schedule in order to talk with your online therapist. You won’t require commuting to another place and in case you’re using texting therapy, you even don’t have to schedule another session.

  • You’re allowed to express yourself in several ways

There are times when talking is not enough to express what you’re feeling or thinking. There are different forms of online therapy where clients can talk, write or even chat through video. In short, you will be allowed to communicate in real time and also send pictures. The clients can use a combination of any form while speaking with their therapist.

  • The form of therapy is anonymous

There are some online therapy networks which don’t need identifying details from future clients. You don’t even have to mention your name as all that the clients will look for is the method of payment that you offer them. Hence this anonymity is something that leads to privacy and safety of the treatment.

Therefore, if you’re still juggling in your thoughts about whether to seek help of a traditional therapist or an online e-counselor, consider the above listed benefits to choose the latter for ultimate convenience.

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