Side effects of anabolic steroids you need to know

Side effects of anabolic steroids you need to know

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You must carefully consider side effects of steroids before using them. There are several side effects along with benefits you use them for. The anabolic steroids are similar to testosterone hormone. The synthetic steroids have a physical reaction on our body. There are positive effects like muscle growth, potential increase in strength, higher energy level. However, you cannot ignore the negative ones too. These negative impacts are reason enough for miusing the drugs.

Side effects of steroids in men

An anabolic steroid is a synthetic version of testosterone. The male hormone of the drug provides men secondary male characteristics. It leaves a huge influence on the libido and sexual performance. The drug provides leaner muscle to fat ratio and big muscles. You need to keep in mind, which the drug also brings in reactions like harmful effect on cholesterol values or liver damage, and more. How to use and how much to use is a quite a debatable topic.

Steroids are often called stackers as they are mixed with other drugs for cutting and bulking. Most people refer to steroid with their side effects and with testosterone. People need to use the drug with guidance so that they can extract the maximum benefits. The drug is often used for treating diseases like cachexia, muscle loss, cancer, and more.

Common effects of steroids

  • Emotional conditions

People tend to face a lot of emotional and mental changes. They have behavioral changes, they get aggressive, and there are more to such behavior. The anabolic steroids don’t have a direct effect on the brain, but there is an influence on synthesis of dopamine in their brain. There are some scientific exploration regarding associative links between steroid and dopamine in Parkinson’s patients, and there is possible of influencing over mental and nervous system disorders.

With long term use, abuse and misuse, you can have a detrimental influence on the brain’s chemical pathways. This includes the synthesis of functions of serotonin and dopamine. They have an impact on emotional and mental health wellness.

The drug is linked with common steroid effects and that includes paranoia like sensation, irritability, delusional behaviors, impaired judgment, and more. In a few cases, there are some types of symptoms that are related to later stages of dementia.

  • Physical conditions

There are mild to moderate effects from anabolic steroids and that can contribute to acne or worsening acne condition. You can have excess body hair and severe side effects like liver damage. The steroid effects impact men, women, and teens in different ways. None of these are good.

Men can face shrunken testicles due to added testosterone level in the body. The natural process stops and it leads to sexual disorders. Men can also have gynecomastia or enlarged breasts. Women can have more hair growth and virilization. Men can have pattern baldness while women can have menstrual disorders. There are also chances of harmful effect on cholesterol values along with heart problems. People have to be very careful with their steroid dosages, to keep these issues to the lowest.


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