The Biggest Benefits of Live in Care for Elderly Individuals with Dementia

The Biggest Benefits of Live in Care for Elderly Individuals with Dementia

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When people get older, they begin to experience certain difficulties associated with aging. One of these is poor memory, and yet another is a decrease in physical mobility. Other individuals can begin having difficulties doing household chores and tasks, including cooking, cleaning, and running errands. But some individuals also experience the onset of dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease. If this is happening to your family member, one of the best solutions for them would be live in care. Care at home is becoming a more popular alternative simply because it brings with it a lot of benefits. Here are the biggest benefits of live in care for elderly individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

An environment they are familiar with

With live in care, your elderly family member does not need to move out of their home. They can remain at home, and this is already a big boost to their comfort and feeling of continuity. Moving to a new residence can be completely disorienting to an individual with dementia, but if you can offer them care at their own home, they will feel more secure, calmer, and more at peace.

An established routine

If you opt for live in care, your elderly family member can benefit from an established routine – a way of life that they know and are familiar with. With live in care, their schedule can be maintained, allowing them to be less confused and anxious. For instance, if your family member is used to watching the news every evening, they will feel more at ease and will feel more ‘normal’ if this routine continues. When their routines are preserved, they can feel more like themselves; they will at least have a feeling of control over what is going on.

Professional training

Live in care agencies which offer dementia care at home make it a point to give their live in caregivers ample training, especially when it comes to taking care of people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. You can be assured that the live in caregiver has received expert training in different areas, be it in assisting with a person’s daily living needs, giving companionship, looking after their physical and personal needs, and more. More often than not, the training for live in caregivers when it comes to dementia or Alzheimer’s patients also includes strategies for engagement, managing behaviour which is unpredictable or aggressive, communicating in an effective manner, and having the ability to break down different activities in order to make them more doable.

Along with professional training, live in caregivers can give your elderly family member a customised care plan – a plan that fits precisely with their needs, their condition, their temperament, and their circumstances. It’s a solution that has already benefitted many – and it can benefit your family, too.

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