The Very Best Hospitals in Rio De Janeiro

The Very Best Hospitals in Rio De Janeiro

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Rio de Janeiro is the second biggest town of South america called the capital of the nation as much as 1960. Rio may be the third largest metropolitan area in South Usa. The headquarters of numerous worldwide oil, telephone, media and communication companies in South america can be found here. Rio may also host the ultimate match for 2014 World Cup 2010. Rio de Janeiro continues to be Brazil’s primary tourist center due to its renowned Carnival parades, beaches and lots of renowned landmarks like the giant statue of Christ the Redeemer, Corcovado Mountain.

Rio de Janeiro is really a major center of development and research in the united states as well as houses many world-class hospitals that provide latest treatments. These well outfitted nursing homes have particular worldwide patient sections and provide service of British speaking staff.

This can be a short description of a few of the popular hospitals in Rio de Janeiro.

Hospital Copa D’or found at Rua Figueiredo Magalhães, 875 – Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro is managed through the Rede D’Or group. All their hospitals are worldwide accredited and follow worldwide standards within their management.

Hospital Copa D’or, Rio has latest generation of apparatus and eminent doctors supplying care. A healthcare facility offers the perfect service within their surgical center, publish operative center, center for diagnostic imaging, neuro-intensive treatment facility, out-patient hospital, adult and pediatric emergency rooms, therapy, speech therapy, psychiatry, infectious illnesses, hemodynamics, clinical diet, pediatrics and coronary care unit. The surgical centers of the hospital are condition-of-the-art, they are able to carry out the most complex surgeries.A healthcare facility has centers for intensive care including intensive care unit, cardio intensive care unit, semi- intensive care unit or even a special pediatric ICU. A healthcare facility accepts all major health insurances. Tel:e 21 2545-3600

Hospital Samaritano found at Rua Bambina,98 -Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro is among the well reliable, modern nursing homes in South america provided with condition-of-the-art medical technology and repair of eminent doctors. A healthcare facility provides a complete selection of medical and surgical service of worldwide standard in most relevant departments. The well-known cardiology department of the hospital has excellent coronary unit, hemodynamics laboratory and cardiac surgery center.

Hospital Samaritano’s specialized sections include imagery diagnostics department with computerized tomography, radiology unit, magnetic nuclear resonance and PET-CT and modern nuclear medicine department with scintilography, myocardial scintilography and sentinel linfonode research. A healthcare facility comes with an accredited er staffed by physicians authorized by the American College of Surgeons for trauma care. All of the beds within this section are supplied with modern equipments for trauma care like portable monitors, breathers, defibrillator and artificial pacemakers.

The Intensive Care Unit of Hospital Samaritano is notable with newest facilities and it has 10 beds, all supplied with breathers, infusion pumps, artery pressure, oxygen level, and heartbeat monitors. Hospital Samaritano is another pioneer in medical education, research and training. This can be a favorite hospital one of the foreign communities and all sorts of major medical health insurance information mill recognized here. Phone (21) 2537-9722 • Emergency: (21) 2535-4000

Hospital Sao Jose is yet another reliable hospital within the city with modern healthcare facilities. This hospital founded through the Santa Catarina Congregation, a spiritual group with wide status, continues to be supplying effective and modern medical service to folks at reasonable prices since1923. This huge hospital by having an area in excess of 625 sq miles has full fledged departments in most major branches of drugs. The hospital’s emergency department together with a 5-bed special cardiac ward offers twenty-four hours a day service. Sao Jose Hospital’s worldwide patient section with British speaking employees are also well-known for supplying complete medical service and finest personal care. Tel: (21) 2741-4300.

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