Using the best water flosser to get maximum dental care

Using the best water flosser to get maximum dental care

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How many times do we find food items getting stuck between our teeth, inside our braces or in other corners of our teeth? Most of the times, we use our fingers or a toothpick to get rid of this problem. However, we still see there are lots of small food particles getting stuck in our teeth, don’t we? So how do we clean them completely and flush it out our system? The answer is simple – use the best water flosser in the market so that you can improve your dental hygiene to a great extent.

When the food items get deposited in our teeth and gums, it leads to severe problems like decalcification, tooth decays and gums infection. Using a water flosser that uses pressure to remove the minute food particles, can safeguard your teeth and gums to a great extent. Here are some of the best ways to use this effective oral care appliance so that you can get maximum benefit out of it:

  1. Choose the tip that you want

Waterpiks or water flossers as they are commonly known, come with various types of tips to suit your teeth type. If you have normal & regular teeth that haven’t undergone any treatments, you can use the classic jet tip. If you are wearing a lot of devices like braces, wires, brackets or other orthodontic equipment, you should use orthodontic tips that come with tapered brushes. For general deep cleaning of teeth that are filled with bridges, crowns, and other implants, you can use a plaque seeker tip. If you are looking for inside-out cleaning of your gums and other internal areas, you can use a pik pocket tip.  You have to use the right tip so that the waterpiks do their function effectively.

  1. Correct usage

Most of the people are under the misconception that their job is done when they invest in the best water flosser in the industry. It is not true at all. It is not enough if you invest in an excellent flosser; you should know to use it properly to get the desired results. While filling water in the reservoir, you should always ensure that it is hot or lukewarm for better results. Also, when using for the first time, adjust the pressure to a low degree until your gums start accepting the same. Keep increasing the power and pressure on a gradual basis. When you insert the tip into your mouth, remember to close your lips first before switching on the unit. This will prevent water splashing outside.  When you are done, switch off the unit and press the tip eject button for removing the tip from your mouth. Don’t push the tip off hurriedly.

Water flossers are designed to remove all kinds of food deposits from the smallest corner and edge of your teeth. To improve its efficiency, you need to handle it carefully and use the flosser in a slow and steady manner. It is highly recommended to floss your teeth at night time as you may have a lot of time then to run the tip over every single tooth and clean it thoroughly.

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