What Causes Red Blotches and How It Affects your Skin

What Causes Red Blotches and How It Affects your Skin

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Stress and Anxiety affect your body organs. Since your skin is one of the main organs in your body, it’s quite natural that you may develop skin problems due to stress. The most common skin problem caused due to anxiety is red and pink blotches, which causes itching or burning sensation.

One way to find out if you have red blotches due to anxiety is whether they tend to come up when you experience any other anxiety symptoms. Red spots are not the only sign that reflects when you’re stressed. Consult a doctor, who can prescribe suitable cure for all your red skin blotches and also ease the accompanying itches.

Allergic Reactions

Some people are allergic to certain food. Similarly ingredients present in skin products or clothing can also cause allergic reactions resulting in red blotches or patches on the skin.


If you have dermatitis, you will certainly notice red blotches and itching. Your skin is in direct contact with an allergen or irritating substance, present in detergent, any solvent, skin-care cream, body soap, metal, acid or chemical. Studies have revealed that allergic reaction often occur 24 to 48 hours after the exposure.


You may develop red skin patches around your nose, cheek, forehead and chin. Also if you see carefully, you will find tiny spider veins and small tiny pimples popping up. If it is not treated properly, eye problems can happen. Untreated rosacea leads to enlargement of nose and swollen cheek.

Weather Effects

Sometimes you may develop red blotches around your face due to weather. Red patches are quite common for some people during winter. If your skin lacks moisture, red patches occurs.

Body Heat

At times, body heat can be the cause for red blotchy skin. Intense stress as well as anxiety raises the body heat and releases a chemical called histamine. It is the same chemical that is released in case of an allergic reaction. Due to the release of histamine, which simulates gastric secretions and dilates, our body generates hives, and thereby leading to itchy, red blotches all around your skin. The hives can cause rashes anywhere in the body be it neck, chest, face, arm etc.


Anxiety also leads to the release of histamine, which further heats the body resulting in skin rash known as miliaria. Miliaria is a harmless sweat rash that occur for people suffering from anxiety attacks.

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