What Makes Kent Aura Ideal for Killing Pathogens in Air?

What Makes Kent Aura Ideal for Killing Pathogens in Air?

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Kent is one of the leading companies for home appliances and their air purifiers have passed international standards of air purification. Aura is another great gem from Kent.

Kent Aura is an air purifier that is ideal for installation in a room of size up to 270 sq. ft. With inbuilt Japanese technology, it is certainly the best air purifier in India and the wisest choice for killing pathogens in air. Kent Aura does everything right to keep your room air healthy, pure and pollution free.

Here are a few factors why it is ideal for killing pathogens in air:

HEPA Technology:

Kent Aura has inbuilt Japanese HEPA technology that no other purifier in the market has. All Kent purifiers have HEPA technology built within the system. This technology is used to remove all hazardous pollutants from the air. It removes about 99% of the pollutants from the air and this is done using a three stage mechanism. These stages are Impact, Interception and Diffusion respectively. The stages catch and trap all the air pollutants that are larger than 0.3 microns. These pollutants include tobacco smoke, pet dander, pollen, mould spores, dust mites etc. The full form of HEPA is High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor and this filter is responsible for carrying out the above mentioned stages.

Kent Aura Removes Particulate Matter As Well:

HEPA filter is not only responsible to remove particles larger than 0.3 microns. It is also responsible to effectively remove SPM and PM2.5 (Suspended Particulate Matter and Particulate Matter) that is present in indoor air. It also has a specially treated activated carbon filter along with the HEPA filter. This activated carbon filter is responsible for absorbing any kind of foul smell or odour of any kind from the air. This way, your room stays free from any kind of bad smell or particulate matter of any kind.

Extra Purification Using Inbuilt Ionizer:

Kent Aura also comes with an inbuilt ionizer, which improves the freshness of air to a drastic extent. This ionizer uses negatively charged ions to purify the air. It releases these negative ions into the air, which in turn force the air pollutants to stick to surfaces like walls in the room. They also trap these pollutants on the collection plate of the ionizing unit. This plate is also electrically charged and that is how the ions entrap the pollutants. This makes the room even fresher.

Air Quality Monitoring:

Kent Aura has an inbuilt air quality monitoring sensor, which measures the air quality of the entire room. There is also an LED display that indicates the quality of air in three different colours – red, pink and blue. The red colour LED indicator means that the air quality is really poor, whereas pink depicts good air quality and blue means excellent air quality. This reassures you that the air purifier is actually doing its job.

Functional, Convenient and User-Friendly Design:

Kent Aura is elegantly designed and ideally suited for offices and homes. It has a pedestal installation mode, which makes it extremely convenient to install and use. The purifier is built with three different speed levels and a timer function as well, which allows a customized requirement satisfaction. This makes Kent Aura user friendly, functional and convenient as an air purifier.

All these excellent features make Kent Aura ideally suited for killing all the pathogens in air.

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