What Shouldn’t You Do While On A Spa Vacation?

What Shouldn’t You Do While On A Spa Vacation?

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Taking a spa vacation is a great way to spend some time, alone. It helps in relaxing your body from daily work schedule. It detoxes, re-energises, reflects and recharges your body, giving you ample time to enjoy the peace.

However, if you have never been on a spa vacation before, then there are few things that you should refrain from doing there. This guide will brief you about few things that you shouldn’t do on a spa vacation.

Things to Consider On A Spa Vacation

  • Don’t Agree, Without Understanding

When you visit for a spa treatment, the staff personnel may give you several forms and instructions manuals. It is important to read them all carefully, before signing anything. This is because sometimes the documents may have a clause for yearly membership etc. Therefore, you need to be careful while signing a document or contract.

  • Keeping The Robes

You might be given a robe on your visit for a spa treatment. However, that robe is not a gift or free of cost item. It must be returned to staff personnel, before leaving the spa. In case you have mistakenly taken that as a gift, there are chances that you may get in trouble for the missing robe.

  • Hesitant With Therapist

A bit hesitancy and discomfort is normal. However, it should not be much that you can’t even tell the therapist that water in bath tub is very hot. You are paying a good sum for the services and there is no point of being hesitant to ask for anything.

Moreover, if you’re uncomfortable or allergic to some oil then the therapist must be told, so that he can give you massage with the right oils.

  • Asking For Favourite Food

It’s important that you don’t make any personalised request for food items. The menu in spa is pre-decided and food is prepared as per that only. The staff personnel may not be able to address your request due to non-availability of Chef. Therefore, it’s important to remain quiet and eat whatever is offered to you as refreshments.

  • Giving Tip

If you like the work of therapist and enjoyed the experience, of course you will give a tip for appreciation. However, it is important that the tip shouldn’t be given in treatment room. Rather, you should include the tip amount in your final bill. If you’re looking for professional therapists, visit Strøm spa de Sherbrooke.


Hope this guide has briefed you with required details about spa vacation.

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