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Fumika Sagisawa

Fumika Sagisawa

Fumika Sagisawa

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Fumika Sagisawa

Entrance: Fumika walks onscreen reading a book, then stops and notices the opponent, backing away slightly while clutching the book on her arms. Exit: Fumika desperately kneels to see if the opponent is okay, stuttering nervously as she tries to help them. Standard Fumika Sagisawa Arianna Labarbara Standard (Medium): Shows a to her foe Standard (Heavy): Slams a book down Launcher: Swings a book upwards.


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/08/29 · Birthday: October Writing Hand: Right. Three Sizes: B84 / W54 / H Horoscope: Scorpio. Hometown: Nagano. Hobbies: Going to Bookstores, Making Bookmarks. Bio: A shy bookworm the Producer encounters in a library. At first she comes across as a little eerie, with her Fumika Sagisawa covering her eyes.