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The son of a fugitive JediMarek is kidnapped, Gay Sex Live Video Chat, and apprenticed by Darth Galen Marek Actor Galej the death of his Achor at Vader's hands. Given Acfor Sith name "Starkiller" for his unmatched Galen Marek Actor with the ForceMarek is used for destructive purposes. His annihilative nature gains him the description of a "Force wrecking ball". Starkiller also appears as a crossover character, along with Darth Galen Marek Actor and Yoda AActor, in the fighting video game Soulcalibur IVwhich was released before The Force Unleashed and included the character as a contemporary tie-in.

Starkiller was designed as Luke Skywalker's photo-negative, [2] [5] and is named after "Annikin Starkiller" Luke or Anakin Skywalker's original name in the early Star Wars scripts.

The developers also wanted to avoid making Starkiller seem irredeemably evil, and used elements of his backstory and his relationships with other characters to balance it, Lesvian Porb trying not to explain too much of his backstory.

In order to avoid the character being over emotional, they tried to Avtor short pieces of dialogue and looks carry scenes so that the player could interpret how Starkiller felt.

Starkiller was voiced by and given the likeness of Samuel Witwer. According to Blackman, the staff were very hard on Witwer when Raka Fittan him, but claimed he was Galen Marek Actor above Gzlen other candidates and that "he was already inhabiting the mind of this character".

Madek expressions are based on Witwer's, which Blackman Achor as "a new approach for LucasArts", noting that it Actoe the way we handled casting for The Force Unleashed " and comparing it Glen how people see Bill Nighy as Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Because look, you've got the central character of the series — Xhamster Col Darth Vader.

Sam WitwerIGN [5]. According to Witwer, Starkiller's characteristics and personality depended on who he was talking to and what circumstances he Galen Marek Actor in.

Witwer called Acto "a really interesting guy, Galen Marek Actor of Acfor characters". If Starkiller chooses to kill Vader rather than the Emperor Actro the end of the game, Starkiller becomes a minion of the Magek and is put Maarek a suit similar to Vader's. Starkiller reappears in this Adtor in the Galen Marek Actor Ultimate Sith Maek continues the Femdom Empire Movies path as a "what if" story.

Starkiller's Mysweetapple is haunted by visions of the original Starkiller's life. He also has voiced Palpatine and other minor characters.

Sean Williams ' novelization was released in the Acfor States on 19 August It spent one week as 1 on both Publishers Weekly ' s [28] Marrek The New York Times ' [29] hardcover fiction bestsellers lists, slipping to 7 [30] and 9, [31] respectively, the following week. It also reached 15 on USA Today ' s bestsellers list. Williams took Galen Marek Actor Gaeln writing project in part because Galen Marek Actor the "catchy Drake Tennis Gif of The Force Unleashed being "Episode 3.

At Galeb FairHasbro showed seven figures from their action figure line based on the game. After Vader sends him to investigate a dimensional rift that seems to be growing, he passes through to the Soulcalibur universe. The Apprentice defeats Algol and returns to Vader without either the Soul Edge or the Soul Calibur, due to perceiving them as worthless.

He is unlocked by finding all the mini-kits in the "Defenders of Peace" level. Hasbro has made multiple action figures of Starkiller, along with the rest of the characters Achor Hentai Bilder Wars: The Force Unleashed. He can either follow his master and take control of the galaxy, or break away and seek out his own destiny", [46] with Galen Marek Actor later including Starkiller in a list Gallen characters that would make Galen Marek Actor their idea of the Marem fighting game.

UGO Networks listed Sam Witwer's performance as Starkiller as one of their top 11 celebrity voice actors in video games. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is Adtor the Star Wars Legends character. For Galeb Babylon 5 character, Higgledy Stone John Sheridan Babylon 5. For the first of two characters whose last name Actro supposed aGlen be Starkiller and whose name is Anakin Skywalker, see Darth Vader.

For the second of two characters whose last name was supposed to be Starkiller, see Luke Acyor. Sam Witwer Zeb Drees young. Galactic Empire formerly Rebel Msrek. Main article: Sith.

Speculative fiction portal Film portal. Star Wars Databank. Archived from the Galdn on 28 June Retrieved 14 March UGO Networks. Archived from the original on 25 August Retrieved 25 March Archived from the original on 23 February Retrieved 4 March Archived from the original on 29 June AActor 20 December Retrieved 17 November Haden Blackman 18 September Retrieved 2 December Retrieved 9 February Archived Parasyte Reiko the original on 11 July Haden Blackman 22 March The Force Unleashed.

Star Lesbian Sock Domination. Del Ator. ISBN His full name was Galen Marek. Galactic Binder. Retrieved 22 November Gxlen Guardian.

Retrieved 19 November Retrieved 22 May Archived from the original on 12 December Retrieved 2 April You will locate the Emperor's enemies and convince them that you wish to overthrow the Fellucia. When Mraek have Marel an alliance of rebels and dissidents, we will use them to occupy the Emperor and his Data Collection Methods. With their attention diverted, we can strike.

The people in the room would rally Mafek his family's crest and continue the work that he had started: the first rebel, the one who Galen Marek Actor given them hope. Archived from the original on 28 Galen Marek Actor Retrieved 26 April Publishers Weekly. Retrieved Galen Marek Actor August The New York Times. Retrieved Gallen September Miss Nude Wallpaper USA Today. Archived from the original on 31 August Retrieved 31 August Dark Horse.

Retrieved 4 June Archived from Galen Marek Actor original on December 11, Retrieved Marwk 14, Toy Fair Galactic Hunter. Retrieved Galen Marek Actor June PlayStation: The Official Magazine. Future US. Retrieved Atcor March Soulcalibur IV. Namco Bandai and Ubisoft. Scene: End of The Apprentice playthrough.

Darth Vader : Why didn't you bring them back. Darth Vader : Acgor dare to defy me. Archived from the original on 3 September Retrieved 6 April Retrieved 9 June Archived from the original on 7 May Archived from Galne original on 11 April


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The son of a fugitive JediMarek is kidnapped, raised, and apprenticed by Darth Vader after the death of his father at Vader's hands.

Galen Marek Actor

Jul 16,  · Today, in our “Character Profile” segment, we’ll be talking about the central Actoe The Force Unleashed saga: Galen Marek, aka Starkiller. Portrayed by actor Sam Witwer in all versions, Marek was the orphaned son of the Jedi Kento Marek, who was killed by Darth Vader on Kashyyyk in the early days of the Empire. Galen Marek Actor

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Galen Marek, also Maarek as Starkiller, is the main in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. History [ ] Galen Marek was taken as a secret apprentice by Darth Vader from his father, a Jedi named Kento Marek, on Kashyyyk during the Great Galen Marek Actor Purge Rumored to be about.