Bruce Lee Exercise – The Tensolator

Why exists such an enigma bordering the Bruce Lee exercise?

His exercises have actually been well recorded, and also he also left notes. Bruce Lee attempted practically every item of workout tools that was readily available in his day. Among them was called the Tensolator.

What is the Tensolator?

Basically, it included 2 tubes, one gliding right into the various other with deals with at each end and also a steel wire covered by cling wrap it. I recognize it’s tough to imagine. You truly need to see it, momentarily I will certainly reveal you what it resembled.

The Tensolator, utilized a coiled springtime to offer resistance and also included isometrics right into its training program. The maker of the Tensolator, Gert F. kolbel, a German creator developed this mobile residence fitness center after a tool that was being utilized for research study in a significant German Brain trust.

The Bruce Lee exercise consisted of making use of the Tensolator to boost punching power, rate and also muscular tissue dimension. There are photos of Bruce Lee, utilizing it instead of pinheads to boost the power and also rate of his 1 inch strike.

In guide, The Art of Revealing the Body by Bruce Lee and also John Little, he defined his Tensolator training program. Despite the fact that the initial Tensolator just permitted 24 workouts for the whole body, it sufficed for Bruce Lee.

Below is the Bruce Lee exercise for the Tensolator according to Bruce Lee’s notes:


Breast Compression.




Upright Compression

Arms– Standing and also Stooping

Lower Arm


Behind the Head Compression.

Over the Head Compression

Door Edge Press.


Resting Drawing Downward

Stooping Compression.

Oblique Compression


Stooping Drawing Downwards

Upright Compression on Upper Leg

Behind Buttocks Compression

Lean over Compression.

Dead Lift.


Stiff Legged Outward Stretch

Knee Exterior Stretch

Standing Calf Bone Weigh Down.

Knee Pressing Inward on Grasp

Raising symphonious Upward.

Blood Circulation Workout

Bruce Lee was consumed with making his body as effective as feasible and also no question he accomplished his objective

Below are a few of the accomplishments of toughness that he carried out:

* Lee’s striking rate from 3 feet with his pass on by his side got to 5 hundredths of a 2nd.

* Lee’s fight motions went to times as well quickly to be photographed at 24fps, numerous scenes were fired in 32fps to place Lee in sluggish activity. Typically fighting styles movies are accelerated.

* In a rate demo, Lee might seize a penny off an individual’s open hand prior to they might shut it, and also leave a cent behind.

* Lee might do rise utilizing just his thumbs

* Lee would certainly hold a raised v-sit setting for half an hour or longer.

* Lee might toss grains of rice up right into the air and afterwards capture them in mid-flight utilizing chopsticks.

* Lee carried out one-hand push-ups utilizing just the thumb and also forefinger

* Lee carried out 50 representatives of one-arm chin-ups.

* From a standing setting, Lee might hold a 125 pound (57 kg) weights right out.

* Lee might damage wood boards 6 inches (15 centimeters) thick.

* Lee carried out a side kick while training with James Coburn and also damaged a 150-lb (68 kg) punching bag

* In a step that has actually been called “Dragon Flag”, Lee might do leg lifts with only his shoulder blades hing on the side of a bench and also suspend his legs and also upper body completely straight midair.

* Lee might propelled his fingers with unopened steel containers of Coca-Cola, at once prior to containers were made from the softer light weight aluminum steel.

* Lee might utilize one finger to leave significant imprints on ache timber.

Resource by Frank Sherrill

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