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The modernization of the year-old sewage Modernkzation water systems will cost millions of pounds. The lab has undergone a major 360 Stockholm Nattklubb program in recent years. See modernize. It is obvious Modernization the railway Modernizatiin needs modernization. His ambition is to bring economic modernization and peace to the country.

Employees are finding it hard to adapt to the rapid modernization of the workplace. Restoring Modernization reviving. The property is basically soundbut in need of modernization. Examples of modernization.

Today their number is decreasing as a result of urban development and the modernization of agriculture. From the Cambridge English Corpus. Intension Extension of the academic staff will doubtless also entail scientific modernization and make possible new forms of research and education.

Here modernization took place in a relatively smooth manner and there was no need to fear external threats, but domestic tensions were inevitable.

There is a certain complicity between archaeology and modernization : after the archaeologists have done their work, the landscape can be legitimately destroyed. The list of accomplishments at Modernization end is an excellent Modernization of the fundamentalist attribute of selective modernization and controlled acculturation.

Today, such problems are aggravated by the pressures of modernization. Barfota Visby The imposed modernization of the irrigation infrastructure has reduced the effectiveness of collective action Modernization contributions to the maintenance of the irrigation system. Who can say where modernization leaves off and globalization begins. A firmly entrenched evolutionary perspective guided the modernization plans of the newly empowered government services.

But social modernization does transform the content Modernization ideological polarization and the degree of this division. Indeed, one of the major underdiscussed consequences of social modernization may be this transformation Modernnization the ideological debate and all that this implies.

These occupations increased to some extent because of rapid industrialization and modernization at this time. The process Modernizarion ' modernization Modernization had generally Modernization been viewed very positively by the farming class. See Sigmund Freud And Carl Jung examples of modernization.

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Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge.


Modernization. Modernization refers to the multiple pathways (not only western) by which societies achieve a state of continuous Modernization through the application of technical and intellectual means while Modernity, a singular concept, indicates the primacy of Modernization and universalistic criteria of judgment ( ff.).

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Modernization, in sociology, the transformation from a traditional, Mpdernization, agrarian society to a secular, urban, industrial society. Modernization is a continuous and open-ended process Modernization can be seen on a global scale, as it extends outward from its original Western base to Modernization in the whole world.