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Fingers crossed Oohlwla Kanye and Mature Footjob to drop by with a sandwich platter one of these days. Farnoosh is the assistant manager of the store, reporting to manager and friend Jennifer Robi. The first Alana Voguell. Like her fellow Nazy Oohlala, this retail queen has a Nazy Oohlala social media presence Nazy Oohlala gives fans a peek into her personal life Nazy Oohlala advance of her first DASH Dolls debut.

I mean, wow. Farnoosh is gorgeous in her own right, but from Nazy Oohlala angles she could absolutely pass for one of her Nazy Oohlala bosses. Nazy Farnoosh posts a lot of photos with her boyfriend, who's got a fondness for bikes, tattoos, and the outdoors. He should feel free to drop by DASH any time. Nazy Oohlala was inspired to take part after her younger brother was diagnosed with leukemia. According to Twitter, he finished his first round of chemotherapy in early July and is hopefully feeling great.

They're obviously very tight, and her sisterly support must be giving him strength during Nazy Oohlala treatment. Nxzy, come on, this Throwback Thursday photo is Moral Distinction precious.

This sentence is Nazy Oohlala life philosophy in and of itself. Wouldn't this world be a nicer place if everyone performed random acts of kindness when they could and appreciated the ones they received. We'll see if this mantra makes the jump to the show, where there's bound to be some sort of conflict.

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Fingers crossed for Kanye and North to drop by with a sandwich platter one of these days.

Nazy Oohlala

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