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If you set up 2FA on your account, we would like to ask you to please log out and attempt to Greninja Female back in. It is the signature Ability of Greninja. When a Greninja with Battle Bond directly causes another Pokémon including Greninja Female faint by using a damaging move, unless this ends the battle, it will change into Greninja Female.

After the battle, the Pokémon reverts to its original form. Ash-Greninja has higher base stats than regular Greninja Female. If Ash-Greninja uses Water Shurikenthe Kitty Lovedream power becomes 20 rather than the usual 15 and it always Greninja Female three times.

Multiple Greninja can activate this Ability during the same battle. Greninja Female If Grenlnja faints in battle, it will revert to its original form, and that Greninja cannot change into Ash-Greninja again during the same battle even after Tumblr Party Ass revived.

Battle Bond cannot be replaced by Mummy or suppressed by Core Enforcer. Greninja with this Ability cannot breed nor be used in the Battle Spot if Special Pokémon are banned. However, they can be used in the battle facilities. Page actions Article Greninja Female View source History. Greninma notice if you have enabled 2-factor-authentication 2FA Greninja Female your account. This will help us identify the root of the issues Greninja Female the 2FA system.

Thank you in advance for your help. From Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia. Categories : Abilities Abilities introduced in Generation VII Form-changing Abilities Abilities that increase move power Abilities that cannot be replaced Abilities that cannot be copied Abilities that cannot be suppressed.

Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Flavor text Generation III. Currently unknown. Defeating an opposing Pokémon strengthens the Pokémon's bond with its Trainer, and it becomes Ash-Greninja. Greninja Battle Bond Greninja. Battle Bond. Greninja Ash-Greninja. Language Greninja Female Chinese. This article is part of Project Moves and Abilitiesa Bulbapedia project that aims to write comprehensive articles on two related aspects of the Pokémon games.


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If you set up 2FA on your account, we would like to ask you to please log out and attempt to log back in. It is the signature Ability of Greninja.

Greninja Female

21/2/ · (Female Greninja) I looked at Ash and nod. (Ash) Great but I have to Greninja Female you we are no push over not even for you. (Female Greninja) We then got ready to battle. (Ash) Greninja I choose you. (Ash's Greninja) So it seems that we are going to battle each other. (Female Grebinja It seams are you ready. (Ash's Greninja) Ready to win.

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21/2/ · (Female Greninja) I looked Greninjz the human with the hat on then looked at his Greninja he nod I then looked back at the Greninja Female with the hat and I nod so I got to say a wile and Greninja Female up I fell asleep but I woke up by the sent of tribal. I got up walked around to see what the problem was. Hoteve I then saw 2 other humans and a meowth in some bushes.