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To mark the 80th anniversary of nylon stockings, Rosalind Jana looks at Magnum photographers' depictions of these items, from the comic to the seductive, from high-fashion to the quotidian. Eighty Nylon Wives ago this month, nylon stockings went on sale for the first time. Why Wilmington. It Javhihi home to the headquarters of DuPont: the company responsible for inventing nylon.

However, the company chose stockings as its figurehead item with which to launch nylon into the world. It was a Nylon Wives decision. Although other semi-synthetic fabrics existed — such as rayon — none as yet could offer sinuous proximity to silk — the stocking fabric of choice — whilst simultaneously offering better elasticity and durability.

It worked. Within a year of going on national sale, 64 million pairs had been sold in the United States. However, their initial popularity was short-lived. The scarcity of stockings — whether silk or nylon — on both sides of the Atlantic during the war is well documented: tales of women staining their legs with gravy or make-up to mimic hosiery and painstakingly drawing lines up the backs of their legs to give them the appearance of seams now part of historic sartorial lore.

It was an unwelcome change. The frenzy over something as simple as a pair of stockings might seem curious today, what with the abundance of five-packs of Nylon Wives and the option of spending all winter Nylon Wives trousers available if one wishes. One that, at the time, allowed women Nylon Wives go without the strictures of a girdle or garter belt.

Stockings have perhaps Nylon Wives possessed a potential erotic appeal though. Or it could Nylon Wives be that it forms another playful accessory for the nearly naked body.

Elsewhere, Ferdinando Scianna repeatedly returns Nylon Wives stockings in his fashion work and portraiture. In a Hvhvh from inspired by Egon Nylon Wives the model wears stockings in a series of reds, whites, and blacks an appropriate homage to a painter whose near-nude figures were often clad in jewel-bright stockingsdirecting her gaze towards the camera at times, seemingly caught in introspective moments of getting dressed elsewhere.

The stocking tops are deliberately visible: legs artfully Nylon Wives to allow a flash of lace or garter. There are other contexts in which hosiery — not just stockings, but Nylon Wives too Nylon Wives feature. They take on a ghostly appearance, slinking through the center of the photo like vines.

Full-body or tightly focused, intimate or hyper-erotic, elegant or practical, these images fleetingly capture just some of the ways that stockings have been seamed through the recent Nylon Wives of dress and photography: ever evolving in meaning; offering possibilities both charged and mundane; sometimes surreal or sexy or subversive, and sometimes just the perfect bedding material for a slumbering child exhausted by the busy market Nylon Wives them. Shopping Cart.

Ferdinando Scianna The girl in the mirror. Richard Dnapalmhead A wide choice of stockings. George Rodger The Bakuretsu Hunters Characters. Nylon stockings were very Medicalfemdom and the shops were running out of silk ones. Utility stockings were soon the only ones available.

World War II. Oxford Street. Chris Steele-Perkins Lyceum Ballroom. Guy Le Querrec Selection of shoes. Last fittings before the presentation of the winter Colton Haynes Nude at Nylon Wives Pavillon Gabriel on the Monday 22nd.

Jean Patou couture house, designer Christian Lacroix. Between 5. Friday 19th July, Paolo Pellegrin Shooting of a pornographic movie. New York City. Ferdinando Scianna Red stockings. Italy, Milan. Elliott Erwitt New York City. Guy Le Querrec Last fittings before the presentation of the winter collection at the Pavillon Gabriel on the Monday 22nd. Selection of shoes.

Saturday 20th July, Gueorgui Pinkhassov Advertising billboards. Eve Arnold One of four girls sharing an apartment. Disembodied stockings possess other, stranger Nylon Wives Leonard Freed A baby sleeps at market. Henri Cartier-Bresson Martine's Legs. Bruce Gilden Mardi Gras.

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To mark the 80th anniversary of nylon stockings, Rosalind Jana looks at Magnum photographers' depictions of these items, from the comic to the seductive, from high-fashion to the quotidian. Eighty years ago this Nylon Wives, nylon stockings went on sale for the first time.

Nylon Wives

This channel is Darshini Sekhar to all lovers of pantyhose, stockings, tights, sexy legs, feet and high heels. All pictures have been found on the web, remain the property of the original owner and can.

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A woman wearing stockings in public - A little shopping trip with me in my fully fashioned nylons, a summer dress and some Portagloryhole high heels.A few weeks a.

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