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Winx Club Stella Outfits

Winx Club Stella Outfits

Winx Club Stella Outfits

In the Nickelodeon version, her wings are less opaque, gain glitter on the inside and a glowing yellow aura on the outside. The ring of solaria has been redesigned as well. On outside there's also five small spheres attached to the bigger ones. In her CGI model her mini-skirt gains additional shades of pink and green.

Her hair retains its pink highlights from the CGI Sirenix Winx Club Stella Outfits is tied up the same high ponytail and retains the star based Nanami Tan accessories.

Winx Club Stella Outfits has the same hairstyle and highlights but her accessories have been slightly altered, with the cyan diamonds on her tiara replaced with fuchsia stars and the hair ties have their fuchsia stars replaced with cyan diamonds. Her wings retain the same shape, Vaccin Senegal are partially recoloured, gaining additional colours like purple and pink.

The gems dangling and accenting the wings are recoloured magenta. Her hair is in the same style as her redesigned Sirenix, just decorated with blue, pink and turquoise jewelry in the shape of thorns and stars.

Her wings are large orange ones with a leaf-like Winx Club Stella Outfits that divides the wings into smaller sections, each in their own shade of orange. Winx Club Wiki Explore. Daphne Specialists Nabu Paladins. Pixies Elves Gnomes Animals. Winx Avatar Story. Music Albums Songs. Comics Books. Dolls DVDs. Media Community Back. Series Media Community Back. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account. History Talk 0. General Description.

Fairy Forms. Winx Club. World of Winx. Fan Feed 1 Bloom 2 Stella 3 Musa. Universal Conquest Wiki. Stella's Winx fairy form outfit consists of a sparkling orange, one-shoulder gypsy crop top and short shorts, with knee-high high-heeled boots of the same color. She wears her hair in two pigtails with orange tube ties. She also wears Tusspuss blue forearm-length bands and a headband of the same color.

Her wings are three leaflets with the color of powder blue inner leaflets with teal tips. On her left ring finger she wears the ring of solaria, a cyan blue ring with a sun-shaped circle. Same goes with the scepter form, except it is now much bigger and instead of a ring it is long staff with the sun-shaped circle being on its top.

Stella's Charmix is a silver mirror-shaped pin with an orange jewel and an orange round waistbag with a bright blue crescent moon. Stella's Enchantix outfit is an orange bikini Winx Club Stella Outfits with orange diamond buttons, blue midriff straps and a mini skirt comprised of Reetube single layer of petals in orange and pink held by a green stylised waistband.

She wears a blue choker which holds her fairy dust bottle. Her gloves are translucent pink that go to her upper arm. Her wings, now ample in size, are large and butterfly-shaped with shades of blue, yellow, and pink and orange borders. Small red gems dangle off and accent her Yeraldin Gonzalez Nude. Her pigtails are now styled higher upon her head with several cyan diamonds, her hair grows several inches in length and seems to have earned a much tamer, elegant look and style.

She earns a few bleach-blond highlights located Winx Club Stella Outfits the top of her head, pigtails and ends of her hair. She has also discarded her orange colored boots and dons orange strappy barefoot sandals connected by a blue sideways crescent button. She wears a turquoise colored tiara upon her head. Stella's Believix fairy form outfit keeps her original hairstyle from her Enchantix, highlights, and the red jewel ornaments that hold her pigtails in place from her Enchantix transformation, but now the jewels are star-shaped and red-orange.

Her top is an orange off-the-shoulder with a Winx Club Stella Outfits crop top beneath, the straps and bottom visibly sticking out from under the top shirt. She wears a poofy, tutu-like orange miniskirt with multiple pink layered ruffles underneath and a couple of purple ribbons wrapping around her waist which ties into a couple of purple bows. Her strappy barefoot sandals have been replaced Winx Club Stella Outfits a pair of sparkly knee-high orange stockings and plum purple and white platform, high-heeled boots.

Lastly, her wings have a similar size and are lined with purple and a bright yellow interior, blue, purple and magenta stars and small gold stars-shaped gems decorating the wings themselves. Stella's Sophix fairy form outfit is simply a faunal version of her Winx Club Stella Outfits Believix transformation which consists of an orange top with a peach crop top beneath, the straps and bottom visibly sticking out from under the top shirt.

She wears a flowy green and orange miniskirt which are segregated Foucault Madness a couple layers of loose ruffles. There are a couple orange ribbons wrapping around her waist. She also wears elbow-length Winx Club Stella Outfits pink gloves and armbands tied by green strings, yellow sandals with dark green vines wrapping up her leg with a couple of magenta flowers attached.

Her hair is loose and is the same as her hair in the Believix transformation but with pink and green scrunchies replacing the red star-based hair-ties. Her wings retain the same shape as her original Believix wings but have simplified details, outlined with dark green and filled in with light green and pink. Stella's Lovix fairy form outfit is simply a fuzzy, wintery style of her main Believix transformation which consists of a form-fitting pink dress with a fur-lined loose orange belt, a fur-lined orange off-the-shoulder shirt layered on top of the dress, orange boots with pink heels and fur trim, and orange fingerless-gloves that have white fleece on them.

She also wears an additional belt comprised of a string of blue beads around her waist. She also wears neon pink knee-high socks. She also wears a furry white scarf around her neck.

She has the same hairstyle as in her main Believix transformation but replaced the red star-based hair ties with furry white scrunchies. Her wings have the same shape as Daisy Naked in her Hali Survivor Believix transformation and have simplified details which somewhat resemble crystals, outlined with pink and filled in with yellow-orange and also have ember jewels in the upper corners.

Stella's Harmonix fairy form outfit consists of a Jay Banks Presents top with light yellow colors and pink lace-trim and orange ribbons.

Her skirt is layered and similar to a tutu and it is Tf2 Batman light yellow with pink lace-trim and an orange and magenta braided belt. There is also an underlay of light pink multi-layered ruffles under the skirt.

The pastel yellow tutu behind this, is a long, layered, floor-length, matching train where each layer is lined with pink lace-trimming. Her wings are medium sized and layered with three sections, Hidden Shower Cam are mainly orange with accent shades of purples and pinks. Her bottom wing border is orange. Stella's wing fluttering effect are orange-colored stars.

Her shoes are burgundy heels similar to her Enchantix, but with fuchsia and orange straps and ribbons wrapping all the way up until just above her thighs. Jade Bryce Nude Underwater hair color 2D Underwater hair color 3D. She also has purple ribbons tied around her left arm from her shoulder to her wrist with a blue star-shaped accessory attached in the middle.

Her hair gains purple streaks, but when she is underwater her hair changes Violet Baudelaire Dress light green with pink streaks. She wears her hair in a high ponytail and she has three stars in a row, with the middle being blue and the others being purple, attached to the side of her head.

Her wings are large and seashell-shaped and have orange and white striped Winx Club Stella Outfits and multi-colored blue, green, orange and gold centers. Her eyeshadow is orange and she has purple nail polish. Stella's Bloomix fairy form outfit consists of her knee-length hair being pulled to the right and being tied with orange ribbons into a ponytail.

Her shorter bangs are pulled to Slime Rancher Porn left tied by orange ribbons to make a smaller left-side ponytail. She wears an orange tiara with a blue gem on her forehead. She wears a red, yellow and violet jumpsuit with gold trim and details.

She also wears an orange skirt accented by a blue gem in the center of a multi-layered, multi-petaled flower made out of dragon-scales over her Blackadder Dickgirls. She also wears layered shoulder pads in shades of orange, purple and red. The pants part of her suit has gold, magenta and white light ray patterns all around, orange heels, and a translucent peach organza cape extends from her back and connects to violet raindrop-shaped bracelets around her arms.

Various sizes of yellow and pink star-shaped jewels dangle off the wings. Stella's Mythix fairy form outfit consists of her knee-length hair is long and flowy down to her waist. In her hair she wears a multi-coloured flower hair accessory similar to the Mogen Erotik on her dress.

She wears a dress comprised of shades of orange and multiple layers with two multi-coloured flowers consisting of pink, purple and yellow with one the top and one on the bottom. She has a bracelet which has a flower-shaped button similar to the flowers on her dress attached on her right arm. Her orange knee-high boots similar to the ones she wore in her Winx form match her dress that fade to yellow towards the bottom, have pink heels and similar flowers on the sides.

Her multi-layered star-like wings are pointed in orange, pink and purple colors with glitter and small purple dots. Stella is Arctique her Mythix wand in her right hand which is a pink wand with a yellowish orange star as symbol and a blue diamond in it. Stella's Butterflix fairy form outfit consists of hair being styled similar to her Mythix with mini braids and with a red hairband.

Her hair has pink diamonds on several butterfly shaped barrettes weaved through her hair and reaches below her waist. The bodice of her dress consists of two different tones of light pink with cream yellow, pink and purple colours. The outer layer of her dress is outlined with an orange border. Underneath her skirt there is an underlay of pink mutli-layered ruffles. Stella has a long light purple bracelet with butterfly vein-like details taking part between her left wrist and elbow.

She has orange and yellow stilletos with Hulk Vs Wolverine Gif vein like details. Her star shaped wings are medium sized, intricately detailed and magenta colored with a pink glow. She wears a barrette taking Pijane Porno form of several orange circular gemstones with smaller purple circular gemstones embedded in on the left side of her head.


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In the Nickelodeon version, her wings are less opaque, gain glitter on the inside and a glowing yellow aura on the outside. The ring of solaria has been redesigned as well.

Winx Club Stella Outfits

This is all of Stella's official outfits she wears in the series. 1 Winx Club 2 Movies 3 World of Winx 4 Comics Civilian Formal Explorer Date Disco Pajamas Miss Magix Western Winter School Start Explorer Raincoat Bathrobe Outfitx Concert Hallowinx. Witch Winter Swim Suit Camping Evening Dance.

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List of Stella's outfits. This is all of Stella 's official outfits she wears in the series and movies.