Naken Hot Wheels Rd 09 Foton

Hot Wheels Rd 09

Hot Wheels Rd 09

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Serving as Racing Drones team leader Gelorum's only vehicle, the car sports an opening canopy, energy balls of destruction, and collapsible back fins.

Hot Wheels Rd 09

At the end of The Sphere, Vert slams Reverb into RD in an attempt to stop Gelorum from reaching the end of the track first. RD is hurled through the air, before landing on the track. The car landed Kaladesh Spoiler all 4 wheels. It's two rear wings fold up behind Wheells wheels, likely as a safety measure.

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RD debuts in The Speed of Silence, and was shown in the titlecard of some of the original broadcasts on Toonami. RD is abandoned at the Sphere's (the gateway to the world of the Accelerons) entrance. Post-AcceleRacers era, RD has made various appearances in different Hot Wheels media.